Welcome to Health Vista

  • This website is a collection of free health education resources for for patients and families: To learn about health and successful recovery as simply and clearly as possible using engaging “tools”
  • For communities: To empower people toward healing and self-care by exploring both traditional as well as holistic and natural health options
  • For nursing or other health care professionals, including students, or faculty:  To learn and teach with high quality presentations, handouts, and learning activities
  • For using the Webquest: Recognizing Mental Illness to increase awareness and related skills
  • To showcase Recovery Workbooks about mental health topics and managing pain that are for sale on the Store page
  • To offer a Coping and Relaxation Workbook that can be used free on the Recovery Resources page or in the online store.
  • To access pro-life health information, go to the National Association of Pro-life Nurses’ website at nursesforlife.org
  • https://www.addictioncenter.com/rehabs/ – For helpful information (for each state) on substance abuse and addiction, including recovery options. Also see other addiction related resources at  https://www.addictioncenter.com

Browse the wide variety of resources on the educational resources pages. If you use something, please give credit to the author and the website.

Health Vista, Inc. was created by Mary Knutson, RN, MSN, as a business and website for quality educational resources. In 2005, a degree of MSN-Nurse Educator was completed.

Mary worked as a clinical instructor for nursing programs, in long-term care and other hospital roles. She also worked as a psychiatric nurse, a clinical research coordinator, a community health nurse, and other RN roles unrelated to this business or this project.

She is passionate about patient education, especially Recovery Education. More learning activities are being developed to be added to this website in the future. For questions or comments, please contact her.

Our Mission

  • To develop and promote clear and practical health information for the healing of both body and mind.
  • To empower individuals, families, health care systems, and communities to be healthier through education and support.