Nursing & Education Resources

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Nursing Education Resources

Comprehensive guide to online nursing programs at 
or Nurse Educator programs at
NCLEX-RN exam practice at has MSN guidebooks at
In a Hurry? Find Accelerated Nursing Programs at
RN Scholarships at 
NURSE Corps Scholarship Opportunities
Student Loan Forgiveness Guide for Nurses at
Guide to volunteering as a nurse
Becoming a Trauma Nurse at
Nursing Career Guide at
Financial Aid Resources at or
NP Scholarship resources at

Other Health Care Careers

Medical Assistant information *
Healthcare education and career information at
How to become a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) at
Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Free Continuing Education for Nurses

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Education Program  (1 contact hour)
Palliative Care Educational Resources

Pro life website

National Association of Pro life Nurses (NAPN)  has pro life information including abortion and euthanasia, The NAPN supports and defends nurses who follow their Right to Life beliefs. It also also has a scholarship for nursing students.  It is a great organization to join if want to become a member.
Meet Baby Olivia Video by Live Action:

Pain and Palliative Care Presentations and Handouts

Integrating Palliative Care:  Perspectives for Nurses and Doctors [ppt] [.pdf] ( pdf does not include slide notes]
Advance Directives Conversation Guide [.pdf]
Integración de los cuidados paliativos:
Perspectivas para las enfermeras
y doctores [ppt] [pdf] in Spanish (pdf no incluye notas de diapositivas)
Guía de conversación de directivas anticipadas
[.pdf] in Spanish

Pain Management:  Nursing Interventions and Assessments [.pptx] [.pdf] (pdf does not include slide notes)
Pain Tools Handout [.pdf]
Pain Assessment Guide [.pdf]
Pain Scales Answer Sheet [.pdf]
Responses to Pain: Role Play [.pdf]
Response to Pain: Dramatic Role Play [.pdf]

Manejo de dolor:
Intervenciones y evaluaciones  de enfermería  [.ppt] [.pdf] in Spanish (pdf no incluye notas de diapositivas)
Sugerencias para el Manejo de Dolor [.pdf]
Guía de Evaluación del Dolor [.pdf]
Escalas de dolor: Hoja de respuestas [.pdf]
Líneas de lectura: Respuestas al dolor [.pdf]
Líneas de lectura: Actitud dramática [.pdf]

Patient Education Resources

Scabies Treatment Worksheets and Checklists  [pdf]
Benzodiazepine Brochure [.pdf]
Healthy Eating for managing diabetes [.pdf]
Healthy Snacks for managing diabetes [.pdf]
Vaccines Explained [.pdf]


Blood Glucose Monitoring [.pptx] [.pdf]
Care of Clients with Mental Illness [.pptx] [.pdf]
Creighton Model Fertility Care System Presentation [.pptx] [.pdf]
End of Life Nursing Practice [.pptx] [.pdf]
Ethics of Stimulants [.pptx] [.pdf]
Ethnonursing Research and Process [.pptx] [.pdf]
Genomics and Genetics in Health Care [.pptx] [.pdf]
Oxygenation Skills [.pptx] [.pdf]
Pain Management [.pptx] [.pdf]
Spirituality and Nursing [.pptx] [.pdf]
Transcultural Nursing Care [.pptx] [.pdf]
Uremia [.pptx] [.pdf]
Diarrhea Management in Children [.docx] [.pdf]
Stroke: Heed the Warning Signs [.docx] [.pdf]
Person-First Language [.pptx]
Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders [.pptx] [.pdf]

Learning Activities:

Blood Glucose Monitoring Case Study [.docx] [.pdf]
Respiratory Jeopardy Cards [.docx] [.pdf]
Pain Intervention Worksheet [.docx] [.pdf]
Reading Lines: Responses to Pain [.docx] [.pdf]
Drugs to Treat Muscle Spasms [.docx] [.pdf]
Case Study Congestive Heart Failure [.docx] [.pdf]
Antepartum Abbreviations Reference Sheet [.docx] [.pdf]
Psychosis Discussion Guide [.docx] [.pdf]
Writing Objectives: Learning Activity [.docx] [.pdf]
Nursing Grand Rounds Guidelines [.docx] [.pdf]
Health Promotion: Stress Worksheet [.docx] [.pdf]
Case Study – Finding Resources [.docx] [.pdf]
Scavenger Hunt for Gerontology Clinical [.docx] [.pdf]

Test and Quizzes:
Health Promotion Test Questions [.docx] [.pdf]
Healthy Lifestyle Test Questions [.docx] [.pdf]
Teaching and Learning Test Questions [.docx] [.pdf]
Drug Quiz [.xlsx] [.pdf]
Lab Quiz [.xlsx] [.pdf]

Consumer Recalls and Alerts compiled a comprehensive online resource that includes dangerous drugs, product recalls and alerts. Also includes information on depression, anxiety, suicide, addiction treatment/rehab, abuse and PTSD .

PTSD Self-test * at

College Students and Addiction * at

Guide to 8 Dimensions of Wellness *  at

Addiction Resources (compiled by Alfred Stokes)  *

Additional Resources (compiled by Public Health Corps)

How to Recognize an Alcohol Addiction [Web]
Drug Use Signs/Symptoms – Narconon [Web]
Helping a Family Member or Friend with an Addiction Problem [Web]
Guide to Addiction Prevention for Seniors [Web]
Staying Sober: Dealing with Temptations [Web]
5 Signs You Have an Addictive Personality [Web]
Stress Management: How to Reduce, Prevent, and Cope with Stress [Web]
The Guide to Aquatic Therapy for Recovering Addicts [Web]
Addiction Recovery and Procrastination Habits [Web]
Personal Goal Setting – How to Set SMART Goals[Web]
The Guide to Keeping Your Home Through Debilitating Disease [Web]

Web links compiled by
Legal Resources for Seniors
Veterans Benefits for Seniors
Making the Move to Assisted Living
Keeping Seniors Safe with While Remodeling
Disaster Preparedness for Seniors
Guide to Finding Credible Medical Advice

Web links [external Web links]

6 Powerful Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Isolation
16 Chair Exercises & How to Get Started
9 Essential Mobile Device Apps for Senior Citizens
Tips to Ensure Safety of Seniors at Home
Guide to Handling a Hoarding Spouse
How to Make Your Home Handicap Accessible
What is not covered by Medicare? 

Drug Information Links [Web] [Web]

Patient Medication Assistance Programs [Web] [Web]

Resources for Teachers

Managing Food Allergies [.pptx] [.pdf]
Health Education Online Resources (for patient or family education) [.docx] [.pdf]
The Adolescent Brain and How to Improve Learning [.pptx] [.pdf]
Managing Potentially Violent Students [.pptx] [.pdf]
Thought Experiments: Thin Cases [.pptx] [.pdf]
Merlot is a collection of learning objects and digital media for educators and health professionals. [Web]

Resources for students with Autism:

Resources for Trauma Informed Care

Shifting to Trauma Informed Care [.pptx] [.pdf]
Trauma Informed Care Assignment [.pptx] [.pdf]
Transcript for Trauma Informed Care Assignment [.docx] [.pdf]

Educational Resource Links of Interest:


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