Recovery Education


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Recovery Education was developed by Mary Knutson when working as a psychiatric nurse.  It is based on the following Seven Elements of Recovery:


You can read about Recovery Education in the following article: Knutson, M.B., Newberry, S, & Schaper, H. (2013). Recovery Education: A tool for psychiatric nurses. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. Vol. 20(10), p. 870-881.
  • Hope
  • Security
  • Support/Managing Symptoms
  • Empowerment
  • Relationships
  • Coping
  • Finding Meaning

Some of the handouts and learning activities are posted on this website.  A few were made into videos to show how the lessons are set up. Other lessons will be added in the future.

Recovery Workbook: Coping and Relaxation Workbook
Coping and Relaxation Workbook [.pdf] This workbook can be downloaded free and printed for you to use. It is an example of one of the Recovery Workbooks that are available in this website’s online store. The current topics and future topics will have similar formatting.

This Finding Hope Pathfinder video is available at to help you toward the first step to recovery.


This Pathway to Change video is available at to help you with health and healing. It is similar to the recovery lessons below.


Recovery Lesson: Coping with Grief and Loss
A Grief Story [.docx] [.pdf]
Coping with Grief and Loss [.pptx] [.pdf]
Is My Grief Normal [.docx] [.pdf]
Grief and Loss Checklist [.docx] [.pdf]
Grief and Loss Handout for Teens [.docx] [.pdf]

Recovery Lesson: Hopelessness to Hope
From Hopelessness to Hope [.pptx] [.pdf]
Hopelessness to Hope Handout [.docx] [.pdf]
Personal Strengths Checklist [.docx] [.pdf]
From Hopelessness to Hope Handout for teens [.docx] [.pdf]

Recovery Lesson: Families and Relationships
Families and Relationships [.pptx] [.pdf]
Situations for Assertiveness Handout [.docx] [.pdf]
Teen Situations for Assertiveness [.docx] [.pdf]
Families and Relationships handout for teens [.pptx] [.pdf]

Recovery Lesson: Exploring Nutrition
Exploring Nutrition Handout [.docx] [.pdf]
Exploring Nutrition Icebreakers Discussion Guide [.pptx] [.pdf]
Exploring Nutrition Handout for Teens [.docx] [.pdf]
Icebreakers for Exploring Nutrition [.docx] [.pdf]
Emotional Eating Handout [.docx] [.pdf]
Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid [.docx] [.pdf]
Eating Disorder Quiz [.docx] [.pdf]
Eating Disorder Quiz Answer Sheet [.docx] [.pdf]
Exploring Eating Disorders [.docx] [.pdf]

Recovery Lesson: Mindfulness
Exploring Mindfulness [.pptx] [.pdf]
Exploring Mindfulness Handout [.docx] [.pdf]
Exploring Mindfulness Handout for Teens [.docx] [.pdf]

Recovery Lesson: Understanding Your Personality
Understanding Your Personality Handout [.docx] [.pdf]
Understanding Your Personality Handout for teens [.docx] [.pdf]
Winnie the Pooh Personalities [.docx] [.pdf]

Recovery Education Lesson Topics [.docx] [.pdf]

Recovery Lesson Components
Finding Your Way Slideshow [.pptx] [.pdf]
Finding Your Way Worksheet [.docx] [.pdf]
Keeping Healthy Boundaries Lessons [.docx] [.pdf]
Pathway to Change [.pptx] [.pdf]
Pathway to Coping [.pptx] [.pdf]
Ice Breakers 1 [.docx] [.pdf]
Ice Breakers 2 [.docx] [.pdf]
Ice Breakers 3 [.docx] [.pdf]
Ice Breakesr 4 [.docx] [.pdf]
Ice Breakers 5 [.docx] [.pdf]

A Story About How People Change [.doc] [.pdf]
Accepting Illness with Hope [.docx] [.pdf]
Positive Words Discussion Guide [.docx] [.pdf]
Positive Words Search [.docx] [.pdf]
Positive Words Search Solution [.docx] [.pdf]
Resilient People: Role Models for Resilience [.docx] [.pdf]
Toward Positive Thinking [.docx] [.pdf]

A Story of Basic Needs [.docx] [.pdf]
Human Needs Cards [.docx] [.pdf]
Community Resources Handout [.docx] [.pdf]
Practicing Difficult Situations [.docx] [.pdf]
Recovery Word Search [.docx] [.pdf]
Recovery Word Search Solution [.doc] [.pdf]
Reading Lines: Managing Anger [.docx] [.pdf]
Warning Signs Handout [.docx] [.pdf]

Support/Managing Symptoms:
Autistic Spectrum Disorders Checklist [.docx] [.pdf]
How are medications working for you? [.docx] [.pdf]
Effects of Marijuana [.docx] [.pdf]
Emotional Eating Handout [.docx] [.pdf]
Reading Lines: Pain Responses [.docx] [.pdf]
Reading Lines: Teens Finding Support [.docx] [.pdf]
Reading Lines: Coping and Recovery [.docx] [.pdf]
Understanding Psychiatric Illness Word Search [.docx] [.pdf]
Understanding Illness Word Search Solution [.docx] [.pdf]
What Can Cause a Depressed Mood? [.docx] [.pdf]

Choosing Change Handout [.docx] [.pdf]
Creating Change Discussion Guide [.docx] [.pdf]
Creating Change Word Search [.docx] [.pdf]
Creating Change Word Search Solution [.docx] [.pdf]
Key Elements of Empowerment [.docx] [.pdf]
Personality Disorders Handout [.docx] [.pdf]
Exploring Personality Disorders [.docx] [.pdf]
Problem Solving Handout [.docx] [.pdf]
Ready to Learn [.docx] [.pdf]
Self-Awareness Handout [.docx] [.pdf]

Communication Problems: Reading Lines [.docx] [.pdf]
Controlling Behavior [.docx] [.pdf]
Word Search-Control Issues [.docx] [.pdf]
Word Search Solution-Control Issues [.docx] [.pdf]
Evaluating Relationships Worksheet [.docx] [.pdf]
Forgiving and Forgetting Handout [.docx] [.pdf]
Healthy Personal Boundaries [.docx] [.pdf]
Unhealthy Boundaries Checklist [.docx] [.pdf]
Joy Miller’ Ten “Demandments” [.docx] [.pdf]
Practicing Assertive Expressions [.docx] [.pdf]

Coping Statements [.docx] [.pdf]
Coping with Thoughts of Self-Harm [.docx] [.pdf]
Coping with Dissociation [.docx] [.pdf]
Coping with Flashbacks [.docx] [.pdf]
Coping Grounding Handout [.docx] [.pdf]
Coping with the Stigma of Psychiatric Illness [.docx] [.pdf]
Help Yourself Sleep Better [.docx] [.pdf]
Inspirational Music List (for adults) [.docx] [.pdf]
Inspirational Music List (for teens) [.docx] [.pdf]
Relaxation and Coping [.docx] [.pdf]
Ways of Coping: Video List (for adults) [.docx] [.pdf]
Ways of Coping: Video List (for teens) [.docx] [.pdf]
Stopping Negative Thinking Worksheet [.docx] [.pdf]
Reading Lines: Stopping Negative Thinking [.docx] [.pdf]
Ways to Cope when Hearing Voices [.docx] [.pdf]

Finding Meaning:
Healing Your Inner Child [.docx] [.pdf]
Life Lessons [.docx] [.pdf]
Life Skills and Values Checklist [.docx] [.pdf]
Making Healthy Transitions [.docx] [.pdf]
Positive Emotions in Spirituality [.docx] [.pdf]
Patience and How to Develop it [.docx] [.pdf]
Symbols of Spirituality [.docx] [.pdf]
Taking Recovery Steps [.docx] [.pdf]

Engaging PowerPoints by Shari Cavadini RN:
Note: Some of documents are very large (1MB -15MB)
Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness [.pptx] [.pdf]
Twelve Ways to Cope with the Holidays [.pptx] [.pdf]
How to Fight Depression and Improve Your Mood [.pptx] [.pdf]
Building Healthy Self Esteem [.pptx] [.pdf]
Medication Compliance [.pptx] [.pdf]
How to Communicate Better with Your Family [.pptx] [.pdf]
Teens Communicating with Parents [.pptx] [.pdf]


Updated 6/24/20