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This Recovery Resources page includes many links and learning activities below:

There are also many valuable Recovery Education Lessons that have been moved to the RECOVERY EDUCATION webpage (so this webpage would not be as large).  The lesson were well-received when used for use for patients in psychiatric care, and for mental health or general wellness.

You can find many of them by exploring the Recovery Education page. More will be added in the future. Recovery Education lessons are organized under 7 Elements of Recovery:

You can read about Recovery Education in the following article: Knutson, M.B., Newberry, S, & Schaper, H. (2013). Recovery Education: A tool for psychiatric nurses. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. Vol. 20(10), p. 870-881.
  • Hope
  • Security
  • Support/Managing Symptoms
  • Empowerment
  • Relationships
  • Coping
  • Finding Meaning

A few of the handouts and learning activities are posted on this website.  Others will be added in the future.

A Free Recovery Workbook is available here:

Recovery Workbook: Coping and Relaxation Workbook
Coping and Relaxation Workbook [.pdf]

This workbook can be downloaded free and printed for you to use. It is an example of one of the Recovery Workbooks that are available in this website’s online store. The current topics and future topics will have similar formatting.

Recovery Education Discussion Handouts

Creating Change Worksheet (for Recovery Education Discussion) [pdf]

Discussion Guide: Ways to Create Change [pdf]

A Story of Change [pdf]

Engaging PowerPoints by Shari Cavadini RN:

Note: Some of documents are very large (1MB -15MB)
Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness [.pptx] [.pdf]
Twelve Ways to Cope with the Holidays [.pptx] [.pdf]
How to Fight Depression and Improve Your Mood [.pptx] [.pdf]
Building Healthy Self Esteem [.pptx] [.pdf]
Medication Compliance [.pptx] [.pdf]
How to Communicate Better with Your Family [.pptx] [.pdf]
Teens Communicating with Parents [.pptx] [.pdf]

There are many resources for eliminating the stigma of mental illness from the National Consortium on Stigma and Empowerment (NCSE), and a Coming Out Proud manual [.pdf].

Other Resource Links: [these will take you to external Web links]

Link Collection from David Garcia: [external Web links]

Link Collection from Jill Palmer of : [external Web links]

Links from Kimberly Matthews: [external Web links]

Retreats and life skills for recovery at
Fitness and recovery resources at

Link Collection from Jennifer Scott: [external Web links]

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