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Scientifically based methods of Natural Family Planning (NFP) were developed to improve upon earlier methods. NFP is not the “Rhythm Method” which was based on the calendar and was not very effective.  The modern methods are much better.

The Creighton Model Ovulation Method has been proven effective in scientific studies showing up to 99% effectiveness in avoiding pregnancy. It is also very effective for achieving pregnancy as couples are able to identify and use days of fertility.

See Natural Family Planning: A Healthy Alternative [.pptx] [.pdf]. It is an overview of NFP and some of its various methods, with a focus on the Creighton Model.  It can be presented with the worksheets, Family Planning Comparison [.docx] [.pdf] and Which Method is most Healthy [.docx] [.pdf].

Key Benefits

  • Easy to learn
  • Inexpensive when compared to artificial methods
  • Versatile–regular cycles  not necessary
  • Healthy–no medical side effects
  • Increases  awareness and knowledge of  your fertility
  • Highly effective for avoiding or achieving pregnancy
  • Welcome alternative to drugs and devices
  • Side effects include better communication, more marital happiness, and  lower divorce rate!

What can couples or individuals learn?

  • The natural phases of fertility and infertility in a woman’s cycles
  • How to identify which days are fertile and infertile
  • Instructions on how to use this method to avoid or achieve pregnancy
  • A daily routine of observations and charting of mucus discharge and other signs of fertility

Contact the Catholic Diocese office in your area to find out more about Natural Family Planning providers.

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Updated 1-20-21