Videos to Help Teens Cope

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How to help you cope with stress:

Stress and anxiety are common emotions for teenagers. Sometimes what you need to distract yourself from what is bothering you.   The  following  list of videos is meant to help teens cope with stress in a positive way.

Check out the Ways of Coping Video List to help you to relax, heal, or be more mindful. Try to watch them all and see how they make you feel.  Then, choose the best ones to watch as often as you want to:

Videos for teens:

Succeed with a Positive Attitude                       1:00 min

The Pandas: Belly of the Whale                          5:11 min

20 Words to Change Your Life                           4.29 min

K’NAAN Wavin’ Flag Celebration Mix               3:75 min

The Interlude Dance (Original)                           3:52 min

The Gratitude Dance (Original)                          3:25 min

What is Mindfulness?                                           1:59 min

Stress – Let Go & Be in Flow of Life                   3:08 min

Forgiveness & Freedom of Letting Go              4:02 min

I Am Grateful                                                           4:11 min

Inspirational Video: Don’t Quit Poem              2:02 min

Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir –Lux Arumque     6:20 min

Relax – Zen Garden Kokin Gumi                                    7:09 min

Yiruma – River Flows in You                                          3:08

Enjoy the videos!


Blog #3  10-28-15 by Mary Knutson RN, MSN of Health Vista, Inc.

Updated 5-27-20